Frameless shower doors have been a popular option for many homeowners. They can open up a bathroom and make it feel larger. There are many different hardware options, designs, and installation methods. We want to help you make the best decision for your home.

We have been installing frameless shower doors at TUH | Glass & Closet Products for years. We've completed hundreds of Shower Door installations in Edmonton and surrounding areas for the finest customers, new home builders, renovators and interior designers. Our shower doors offer a seamless appearance and have been featured in countless builder of the year and lottery homes. We provide various glass and hardware options, including hinges, handles and rollers.

Let our team will help you choose the right design for your bathroom and install it quickly and efficiently.

Contact us if you are considering a frameless shower door for your home! We would be happy to answer any questions you have and provide a free 3D design and estimate.



Frameless shower doors provide many benefits, including:

  • A sleek and modern look
  • The illusion of a larger space
  • Easy to clean and maintain


Pivot Shower Door

A pivot shower door is a type of shower door that is attached to the shower at two pivot points. The door swings open and closes like a regular door. They can provide a large opening and are very easy to open and close.

Sliding Shower Door

A sliding shower door is a type of door that slides open and closed on a track. They're typically seen with large or small-size rollers, pending what look you're trying to achieve.


There are many different hardware options for frameless shower doors, including:

Hinges: We offer a variety of hinges, including concealed and exposed options.

Handles: Our handles come in different styles, including knob and lever.

Rollers: We offer different rollers to provide a smooth opening and closing action.


There are many different glass options for frameless shower doors, including:

Clear: The most popular residential shower door and glass wall installation option. Clear glass offers an excellent balance between price and overall look.

Low Iron: Also known as extra-clear glass, low iron glass goes through a process to remove additional iron content from the glass, producing its extra-clear effect.

Velour Etch: Also known as acid etch glass, is an attractive option that offers privacy while still allowing light to pass through.


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